​T.M.E. Training Inc.

​​ Tactical Emergency Casualty Care   

     TME Training is a recognized educational partner of the Committee on Tactical Emergency Casualty Care and delivers courses specific to hostile situations such as active shooter and terrorist attacks. Our courses follow nationally recognized guidelines and are designed to give you the skills necessary to save lives in the worst possible situations. We offer courses at three levels:

First Care Provider :  This high-tempo 8 hour course is for civilians who may be first on scene in a hostile situation. This course is ideal for teachers, group leaders, families, armed citizens, and anyone wanting to learn a skillset that saves lives when seconds count.

First Responder: This 8 hour course is designed for non-medical law enforcement officers and public service personnel who have a duty to act. This course places a strong emphasis on building individual skillsets as well as the team dynamics of providing operational medical support.

First Receiver: This intense, 16 hour course is for licensed medical personnel ranging from EMS personnel assigned to a rescue task force and emergency room personnel.  This course is designed to build individual skillsets, team dynamics, and improve interoperability between medical and law enforcement personnel.

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